My favorite Japanese snacks

This is a list of my favorite Japanese snacks; my regular stockpile (>_<)

1. Pocky – ‘anata mo watashi mo pocky’ if you are in Japan and never tried pocky you are surely missing on a lot. Japan’s favorite snack pocky comes in many flavors. These are (sweet) flavor coated biscuit sticks, produced by Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd. Check out the pocky television commercials!


2. Pretz – produced by the manufacturer of pocky, pretz is also available in different flavors. These are coated with flavor dust and the shape is same as pocky.



3. Senbei – Japanese rice crackers; there are many different manufacturers of this snack. They are typically round and flat but can be of other shapes as well. They are usually salty in taste but you can also come across sweet senbei or senbei wrapped in nori. Senbei is my all time favorite.



4. Kappa Ebisen – crispy shrimp flavored chips produced by calbee. Rarely can you find a special flavor on the shelf and if you do, try it!


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