Hi! I am Ranita Saha, a culture enthusiast by nature and a Japanese language specialist by profession. I love Japanese anime and Kawaii culture. While I was studying in Japan, I travelled to all the 47 prefectures. I love to travel, dance and collect cute stuffs. Learning new languages and exploring new cultures have always been my passion.

During my stay in Japan, I researched on ‘Japanese Mythology and Gods’ at Nara Women’s University. I also took kendo and naginata lessons at the university. Though it is difficult to choose a favourite among all the places I have visited in Japan, Nara definitely feels like home.


Nature and animal welfare.


Research on Japan and Japanese languageNara Women’s University, Japan [2015-2016]
JLPT N2 QualifiedJLPT 2014
Advanced Diploma in Japanese LanguageBangalore University [2015]