JLPT N1 Kanji List

The JLPT N1 level includes 2000 kanji characters. Now that’s a huge number! I will be updating this post with kanji lessons, until all the kanji for N1 are listed. I will group similar looking kanji (group them by radicals) in one lesson. You can also find a quiz at the end of each lesson. […]

JLPT N1 Grammar |文法

It has been a long time since I posted a something about Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Let’s get down to some serious JLPT N1 preparations . There are three types of questions in JLPT N1 grammar section. The first type (文法形式の判断) judges your ability to choose the correct grammar format. The second pattern (文の組み立て) tests […]

Top 5 JLPT kanji books for all levels

I have listed down the top five kanji books, for JLPT preparation. Without learning kanji you cannot solve grammar and comprehension questions correctly. There are too many kanji to learn. Hence, I believe that it is  better to follow a book rather than studying from a list. Books help you understand the meaning of a […]

Studying for the new JLPT- step by step

What could be the right way to prepare for the new JLPT? Just keep this in mind, “there is no shortcut to success”. The JLPT N levels have been improved on the grounds of syllabus and time. Unlike the old test, the new JLPT syllabi are broader and the question patterns are set to test […]

JLPT N5 Kanji List

The JLPT N5 syllabus is said to be almost equivalent to the JLPT 4 (old syllabus). Accordingly, there should be around 100 kanji to be learnt for JLPT N5. Since the change in JLPT exam patterns from 2010, there has been no official publication of the new JLPT syllabus.The following is the kanji list for […]

JLPT Vocabulary N4

The table below lists the JLPT N4 words. There has been no publication of the official list since the JLPT pattern was changed in 2010. This table has been created with the help of the old JLPT 3 vocabulary list.