Coming back to Nara

The image of Nara in my mind has always been limited to Tōdai-ji (東大寺) and the great bronze Buddha statue (大仏). Going back in time, I first came to Nara in 2011, on a one day field trip. We were taken to the most apparent and the must see temple in Nara, the Tōdai-ji. I must admit the peaceful atmosphere and the presence of the world’s largest bronze statue of Buddha evoke a feeling of serenity. I have been to a lot of Buddhist temples, but never did I get the feeling of devotion so strong like I felt in Tōdai-ji.

This year I got an opportunity to study in Japan and I could opt for a university of my choice. Although Kyoto is a very good choice to study Japanese with first-hand experience of Japanese culture; I found the cost of living more expensive than many other cities. Nara being just beside Kyoto and also having a rich heritage as it was Japan’s capital (710~794), I chose to come back to this place.

Away from the sea, Nara is surrounded by hills, mountains, temples and shrines; there is so much to explore in Nara.
I am lucky to live near the Nara park, as I can go to cuddle the deer anytime.

Unlike big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, Nara does not have an enthralling nightlife or many places of entertainment. This city has its own pace and it still lives up to its characteristic of being a ‘Mahoroba’ (a spiritual place).

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