Daily Japanese in 15 minutes | Lesson 3

This lesson is a continuation of the previous one. Here you will learn how to ask directions.

KOKO – here
SOKO – there
ASOKO – over there
DOKO – where
KUUKOO WA DOKO DESU KA? – where is the airport?

KOCHIRA or KOCCHI – this way or this one
SOCHIRA or SOCCHI – that way or that one
ACHIRA or ACCHI – that way or that one (a little further away from the speaker)
DOCHIRA or DOCCHI – which way or which one

KORE – this (CO-RAY)
SORE – that (SO-RAY)
ARE – that over there (A-RAY)
DORE – which (DOE-RAY)

HIGASHI – east
NISHI – west
KITA – north
MINAMI – south
GUCHI – gate
HIGASHIGUCHI WA DOCHIRA DESU KA? – which way is the east gate?

MIGI – right
HIDARI – left
MASSUGU – straight

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