Japan Habba 2015 日本祭

The 11th Japan Habba held at the Jnana Jyothi auditorium, in Bangalore city, was a big hit. My dance was scheduled as the first performance of the day.


The place was filled with Japanese people working and living in Bangalore. They had put up many stalls of different kinds, in the gallery outside the auditorium. Oh, of course there was an anime goodies stall too. I was so mesmerized by the chibi figurines and the anime printed stationary and t-shirts that I totally lost the track of time, and there went my chorus song performance. By the time I was done with my shopping and went inside the auditorium my group was already half way through “Yume no naka e” a Japanese rock song. Nevertheless, I honestly own up that scouting through the stalls was so much fun. Apart from the stalls, they had also organized “茶道” tea-ceremony, “書道” calligraphy, “折り紙” origami and kimono wearing. There were also some beautiful ‘ikebana’ exhibited along the gallery. Some restaurants in Bangalore put up their stall in the food court, to provide lunch. Some offered “和食” Japanese cuisine, but the options were very limited.


All in all, Japan Habba was such a lively event. I casually chatted around with some Japanese people, bought many Japanese items, ate good food. It was one of the best Japanese events I have ever been to.





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