The Four Seasons of Wakakusayama

Nara, the ancient capital of Japan is best known for its temples more than anything else. Most visitors come here to pay homage to the great 大仏 daibutsu (Buddha) of Todai-ji and have fun at Nara deer park. If you wish to move away from the crowd and experience Nara’s wild beauty, you should hike […]

Seven Great Temples of Nara

南都七大寺  Nantoshichidaiji is the name given to a group of seven temples in Nara. 南都 Nanto means the southern capital. Nara was Japan’s ancient capital from 710 t0 794 CE. During this period, Buddhism flourished in Japan and gradually gained devotees. During the Nara period, many Buddhist temples were built in the capital which received imperial patronage. Among these, […]

Coming back to Nara

The image of Nara in my mind has always been limited to Tōdai-ji (東大寺) and the great bronze Buddha statue (大仏). Going back in time, I first came to Nara in 2011, on a one day field trip. We were taken to the most apparent and the must see temple in Nara, the Tōdai-ji. I […]