JLPT N1 Kanji Lesson 4

attack, assault

訓読み:める 音読み:コウ

例:攻撃(こうげき attack)、専攻(せんこう specialisation)、侵攻(しんこう invasion)

care for, shepherd

訓読み:まき 音読み:ボク

例:牧師(ぼくし pastor)、牧場・牧場(ぼくじょう・まきば grazing land)



imitate, emulate

訓読み:ならう 音読み:ホウ

例:模倣(もほう copying)



daring, pitiful

訓読み:えて 音読み:カン

例: 勇敢(ゆうかん brave)、敢行(かんこう decisive action)



enemy, opponent

訓読み:だ 音読み:てき

例:強敵(きょうてき formidable enemy)、素敵(すてき superb)、匹敵(ひってき comparable)、油断大敵(ゆだんたいてき overconfidence is the biggest enemy)



clear, stay up all night


例:徹底(てってい thorough)、徹夜(てつや all night vigil)



disarm, remove


例:撤回(てっかい withdraw/revoke)、撤去(てっきょ repeal)



to spread out

訓読み: 音読み:シキ

例:敷地(しきち site/plot)、屋敷(やしき estate/premises)

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  1. Priyadarshni Gopalakrishnan at 1:40 am


    I am Priya. I am preparing for JLPT N1 . Your quizzes are very helpful . Any suggestions on preparation for 読解 other than just studying from 新完全マスタ。Kindly suggest any good novels/ online journals.


    • Ranita Saha at 11:28 am

      こんにちは Priya,

      Thanks for your comment! A good way to practice 読解 is by reading news articles in Japanese. You can download a mobile phone app and read news on the go!

      Cheers 🙂

      • Priyadarshni Gopalakrishnan at 7:28 am


        お疲れ様です。Thanks for the suggestion. I have installed an app that helps read 記事 from many newspapers like 毎日新聞,日経 etc.
        This helps.
        I am able to get a fair grasp on 文法/聴解 , but 文字・語彙and 読解(the speed especially) are especially a challenge for me. Believe I can get better by working on the quizzes from Sakuramani.

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