Daily Japanese in 15 minutes | Lesson 1

This lesson is for busy people who are traveling to Japan for business or leisure. Not many Japanese people speak English, hence you might face a situation which would require you to know some basic Japanese words and phrases. This quick Japanese language lesson will help you to learn Japanese on the go. Devote fifteen minutes a day for each lesson and do not forget to revise what you have learnt.

In this lesson you will learn how to greet in Japanese.

OHAYOU GOZAIMASU – Good morning (OHAYOU informal)

KONNICHIWA – Hello (also means good afternoon)

KONBANWA – Good evening (pron. Kombanwa)

OYASUMI NASAI – Good night (oyasumi informal)

HAJIMEMASHITE – nice to meet you (when meeting for the first time)

OGENKI DESU KA – How are you?

GENKI DESU – I am fine.

GENKI DEWA ARIMASEN – I am not fine. (Genki jya nai informal)

SUMIMASEN – Excuse me

GOMEN NASAI – Sorry (gomen informal)

ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU – Thank you (arigatou informal)

ONEGAISHIMASU – I request you / Please


HAI – Yes

IIE – No (pron. eeye)

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