Introduce yourself in Hindi- Hindi mein apna parichay de

This lesson will teach you how to introduce yourself in Hindi using simple words.These are a few basic sentences which can be used to introduce yourself in Hindi, in any situation.

Hi– Namaste

My name is…. – Mera naam …. hai.

I live in …. – Main ….. mein rahti/rahta hoon. (rehti – F ; rehta – M)

I come from …. – Main …. se aayi/aaya hoon.  (aayi-F; aaya-M)

I work in …. – Main ….. mein kaam karti/karta hoon. (karti- F; karta-M)

I like watching …. – Mujhe …. dekhna pasand hai.

I like reading…. –  Mujhe …. padhna pasand hai.

I like eating …. – Mujhe …. khana pasand hai.

I like drinking…. – Mujhe …. peena pasand hai.

It was nice talking to you – Aap se baat karke khushi hui.

See you later – Phir milte hai/ Baad mein milte hai.

Bye – chalti/chalta hoon (chalti-F; chalta-M) informal

Namaste formal                     


Put your desired words in the space to complete the sentence.

For example, consider a fictitious girl whose name is Sandy. She lives in Germany but originally is from Canada. She works at IBM, likes watching German TV programs (German doordarshan karyakram) and reading novels (upanyas). She likes eating cheese sandwich and likes to drink coffee.

Let’s hear how Sandy introduces herself in Hindi.

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Sandy is a girl, so she used feminine gender words (feminine verb suffixes). When a boy uses these sentences he will have to use ‘rehta’, ‘aaya’, ‘karta’ and ‘chalta’ instead of ‘rehti’, ‘aayi’, ‘karti’ and ‘chalti’.

Pay attention to the pronunciation of the following words

‘Hoon’- the ‘n’ is silent but the ending is nasal.

‘Main’- the ‘n’ is silent but the ending is glottal.

‘Mein’- the ‘n’ is silent and the word sounds flat

Words learnt

Namaste– hi/hello

Mera– my/mine

Naam– name

Hai– is

Main– I/ me

Mein– in/at

Rehna – to live (rehti – F ; rehta – M)

Hoon– am

Se– from/with

Aana– to come (aayi-F; aaya-M)

Kaam– work

Karna– to do (karti- F; karta-M); karke- after doing

Dekhna– to see

Pasand– liking

Padhna– to read

Khana– to eat (in this context; but ‘khana’ also means food)

Peena– to drink

Aap– you (formal or addressing seniors)

Baat– talk

Khushi– glad/happy

Hui– to become

Phir/ Baad mein – later

Milte hai– lets meet

Chalna– to walk (chalti-F; chalta-M); but when saying ‘chalti/chalta hoon’ it means ‘I am taking off’ or ‘I am leaving’

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